The committee chair is appointed by the ESC.  Membership in the ASAC is based on appointment by the ESC.  Current members are:

Joe Ames

(Chair) Director of Administrative Technologies and ITS Strategic Alignment Officer

Dr. Karen Bull

Dean of the Division of Online Learning

Kelly J. Burke

Vice Provost and Dean of The Graduate School

Dr. Adrienne Craig

Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Paul Forte

Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance, Finance & Administration

Dr. Andrew Hamilton

Associate Vice Provost of Student Success and Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Greg Hodges, M.B.A

Associate Vice Chancellor, Planning and Performance Management, Finance & Administration

Joel Lee

Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management

Dr. Kim Littlefield

Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement

Scott Milman, M.B.A., M.S.

Associate Vice Chancellor, Campus Enterprises & Real Estate, Finance & Administration

Dr. Chris Partridge

University Registrar

Additional appointees as designated by the ESC.