The purpose of the Data Accountability Group (DAG) is to identify, prioritize, track and resolve data issues to minimize redundancy and errors, identifying data issues in institutional data systems as early in the data lifecycle as possible, determining actionable and sustainable solutions to correct and prevent data issues, and working with the appropriate stakeholders to resolve and prevent future issues from occurring.


The DAG is responsible for identifying and resolving issues in institutional data to improve
institutional data quality and integrity. In addition to ensuring accurate data for institution level internal and external reporting needs, the DAG is responsible for ensuring the accurate reporting of data via the UNC System Data Marts (Student, Human Resources, and Finance).

For these purposes, Institutional data includes both internal data elements and those data elements used for mandatory external reporting, with particular attention to issues coinciding with the Data Mart snapshot deadlines for Student Data Mart (especially Census snapshots), Human Resources Data Mart (especially Personnel Data File snapshots), and Finance Data Mart.

Committee Authority

The DAG works through the Data Governance Committee to identify data issues and develop solutions in consultation with the appropriate stakeholders and in alignment with institutional data management policies, standards, guidelines, and operating procedures.


  • Identify, analyze, and document data quality issues in institutional data in areas of Student, Human Resources, and Finance in the Banner system and systems into which Banner data is replicated.
  • Work through the Data Management Committee to
    • consult with Data Stewards, unit or department leadership, and appropriate support staff to identify appropriate and sustainable solutions,
    • coordinate with Data Stewards, unit or department leadership, and appropriate support staff to implement solutions,
    • support the actions of administration for establishing and reinforcing clear accountability for data quality, integrity, and adherence to standards across campus,
    • work with UNC System Office representatives and Data Mart Campus Administrators as necessary to ensure the accurate flow of data from the institutional system of record to the Data Mart system for official reporting, and
    • develop and provide quarterly performance measures to document improvements in data quality and integrity.
  • Report monthly to the DMC regarding the status of institutional data quality.
  • Support the DMC in facilitating institution-wide communication and collaboration related to data quality and integrity across campus.
  • Make recommendations for modification of the subcommittee charge as needed to reflect campus and environmental changes.


The committee chair is appointed by the DGC. Membership in the DAG is based on appointment by the committee chair with approval by the ESC. Current members are:

  • (Chair) Student Data Mart Administrator, Office of Institutional Research & Analytics
  • (Co-chair) Office of Institutional Research & Analytics
  • Enterprise Data Manager, Information Technology Services
  • University Registrar
  • Enrollment Management Data Analyst
  • Human Resources Information Services Manager
  • Director of Technology Planning & Operations, Finance & Administration
  • Banner Finance Accountant, Finance & Administration


Those who agree to serve are expected to:

  • Review materials provided prior to each meeting and conduct additional inquiry or research so they come to meetings prepared to discuss topics from an informed position.
  • Attend each of the regular meetings as well as any additional meetings that may be required. If a member is unable to attend a meeting, instead of sending a delegate in their place, they should work with the committee chair to review the content of the meeting and provide their input to any decision made during the meeting.
  • Actively contribute to the work necessary for the successful resolution of issues, take ownership of action items in their respective areas of data responsibility and meet committed dates for reporting and completion.
  • Document identified issues and relevant information in the issue tracking log.
  • Actively share information about DAS’s work including decisions made, questions considered, emerging issues, and opportunities for engagement and feedback with departments, schools and divisions in a manner that ensures transparency and broad awareness.

Any DAG members who find they cannot meet these expectations should talk with the committee chair about appointing a new representative.

The DAG reports to the Data Governance Committee (DGC).

Committee Procedures

  • The DAG committee chair and/or co-chair will establish procedures for capturing minutes, tracking issues and resolutions, communicating decisions, and periodically reviewing and updating the committee charter as needed.
  • The DAG meets every other Wednesday at 9:00am throughout the calendar year. Individual meetings may be cancelled or postponed by the Chair if determined necessary.
  • The DAG committee chair will serve as the committee liaison to the Data Governance Committee, in the chair’s absence, the co-chair will serve.