Data Accountability Group

The Data Accountability Group (DAG) is a subcommittee of the Data Governance Committee that identifies, prioritizes, tracks and resolves data issues to minimize redundancy and errors, identifying data issues in institutional data systems as early in the data lifecycle as possible, determining actionable and sustainable solutions to correct and prevent data issues, and working with the appropriate stakeholders to resolve and prevent future issues from occurring.

Alice Herring

(Chair) Student Data Mart Administrator

Office of Institutional Research & Analytics

Johnny Lail

(Co-chair) IT Business Intelligence / Data Analyst

Office of Institutional Research & Analytics

Joella Anderson

Director of Technology Planning & Operations

Finance & Administration

Justin Bishop

Banner Finance Accountant

Finance & Administration

Sean Farrell

Information Services Manager

Human Resources

Valerie Giroux

Enterprise Data Manager

Information Technology Services

Dr. Chris Partridge

University Registrar

Jenna Tucker

Data Analyst

Enrollment Management