UNCG Data Stewards are responsible for managing individual sets or collections of data according to the policies and practices that are established in the Data Governance Program by the Data Governance Committee. 

Data Stewards actively engage with the Data Governance Committee and the Enterprise Data Management Office to influence and implement the Data Governance Program, including:

  • ensuring that policies and procedures for handling their data sets correspond to the objectives of the Data Governance Program,
  • managing their data sets to the quality and integrity standards established in the Data Governance Program,
  • helping faculty and staff understand the correct usage of their data sets as established in the Data Governance Program, and
  • enforcing the data security standards established by the Data Governance Program.


  • Assessment, Accreditation, and Academic Program Planning | Dr. Jodi Pettazoni, Associate Vice Provost and Director Office of Assessment, Accreditation, and Academic Program Planning
  • Campus Enterprises | Scott Milman, Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Enterprises and Real Estate, Finance and Administration 
  • Data Infrastructure | Jeff Whitworth, Associate Vice Chancellor for Technology Infrastructure and Chief Technology Officer, Information Technology Services
  • Facilities | Sameer Kapileshwari, Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities, Finance and Administration 
  • Faculty Personnel | Dr. Alan Boyette, Senior Vice Provost 
  • Finance, Student Accounts | Paul Forte, Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance, Finance and Administration 
  • Financial Aid | John Lucas, Interim Director of Financial Aid, Enrollment Management 
  • Housing and Residence Life | Tim Johnson, Executive Director, Housing and Residence Life
  • Human Resources | Jeanne Madorin, Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Human Resources Officer  
  • Institutional Research | Alice Herring, Office of Institutional Research & Analytics
  • Information Security | Dr. Casey Forrest, Chief Information Security Officer, Information Technology Services
  • Reporting, Visualization and Analytics | Nick Young Director of Enterprise Reporting, Visualization and Analytics
  • Research | David Starnes, Research Systems Manager for the Office of Research & Engagement 
  • Student | Dr. Chris Partridge, University Registrar 
  • Students First Office | Dana Saunders, Director Students First Office
  • Student Health | Kathleen Baber, Director of Student Health Services 
  • Student Life/Affairs | George Still, Director of Assessment, Student Affairs 
  • Student Success | Dr. Andrew Hamilton, Associate Vice Provost for Student Success
  • University Advancement | Rob Saunders, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Advancement Operations