General Questions

What is the timeframe for the project?

Launched in March 2020, the Next Generation Web Project (NGWP) is scheduled to launch in April 2022. For a look at the specific deliverables, visit the NGWP website where the timeline is updated as needed.

Where can I see the information architecture for the new

The primary website information architecture is available here. The site will be used by many audiences of UNCG, including faculty, staff, current students, community members, and more. Under the leadership of the Web and Mobile Operating Committee, the primary website has a strategic approach to focus on addressing the needs of future students first. 

How should my team use Redundant, Outdated & Trivial (ROTs) spreadsheets?

The ROTs are designed for units to review their existing websites and determine what may be redundant, outdated, or no longer relevant. This exercise is for units to prepare their existing content (i.e. pages, copy, visual assets) for the future move of their academic or business unit websites.

When will academic and/or business unit websites launch?

The NGWP team is in progress of establishing meetings with academic and business units to determine the best time for each respective unit to move. Academic and business unit sites are not expected to be ready for launch when the primary site launches. The NGWP team anticipates a roll out of the new design system across the University’s web footprint and seeks to collaborate with units to determine the best time for each unit. 

Content Questions

What is the content development timeline?

The content deliverables are incorporated into the NGWP timeline located here. Members of the content teams may access a more detailed content development timeline.

Who is responsible for developing content for the pages on

More than 100 roles at the University are involved in developing the content for the top three levels of the primary website, Led by University Communications Liaisons, the University has established 9 content teams based upon the information architecture of the primary site. Content team members are individuals who are also leading their respective unit teams. View content teams editorial guidance here.

How will content maintenance be managed?

If a unit owns content today, they will continue to own, manage, and update the content into the future – although the location of that content may now be in the primary site. The NGWP team is working with content team members to ensure that every current content owner will retain access to their content, i.e. login and edit their page as needed. Under the leadership of the Web and Mobile Operating Committee, a content audit procedure and content lifecycle governance is being established to guide future content management updates for University websites.

Design Questions

What will the new primary site look like?

In coordination with the Cross Functional Marketing and Communications (CFMC) team – which includes marketing communications leaders from the colleges and schools, divisions and departments, and in partnership with web technology leads – the Next Generation Website Project completed the design phase of the new University website in April 2020. The initial phase developed 40 different designs that included desktop and mobile versions. To view the designs, visit Many thanks to the CFMC, web tech leads, the Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, Deans and many more campus partners who provided feedback throughout the design process. It is important to note, as of June 2021 there will be design changes to “Campus Life & Resources” and a new page, “Arts,” will be developed. 

When will the designs be available?

The NGWP team is working on a design system that best displays the various, flexible components that will be available. While this is a work in progress, the components are available to view here. In collaboration with the vendor, the NGWP team anticipates the designs to be available for testing in September 2021.

When will a style guide be released?

The website style guide will be one of the last assets developed. As the designs move from idea to use, changes are expected and thus, the guide is best developed thereafter. 

What designs and components can be used where?

The majority of primary website content will be using the standard inner. There are other specific page designs, such as the homepage, campus life & resources, degrees & programs, and calendar. There are three microsite home page designs, and complimenting microsite standard inner pages. While each standard inner (general or microsite) has the same components, the design of those components differ to correspond with the homepage. Thus, the general microsite homepage and general microsite inner must be used together as should the visual microsite homepage and visual microsite inner; and stats microsite home and stats microsite inner. View the various page and component designs here

Can units (academic or business) use different microsite designs?

A goal of the NGWP is to make the University’s web presence more user friendly. As part of this, the NGWP team anticipates units will seek to consolidate the number of websites their web developers and technical leads manage. Now that the University is offering flexible designs and various components, units my find they do not need as many websites and may favor using various web page designs to meet their needs. The NGWP team encourages units to discuss their website vs. web page needs during meetings with the NGWP team. 

Technical Questions

What CMS will be used?

The University will continue to use WordPress. 

How will my team be able to access our content located on the primary site?

The content you own today, will be the content you own on the new site – no matter where it lives. NGWP is working with content teams and the web dev group to ascertain who needs access to which pages or sections of the primary site. Units were to supply this information by the end of May 2021. If your unit has not supplied the information, please contact