Decision: The Executive Steering Committee will develop an annual cross divisional strategic planning process that results in a published annual plan/roadmap.

Decision: ESC members will work with stakeholders across the campus to build a robust modern technology communications strategy designed to inform at all levels within our University and provide repeatable mechanisms for continuous feedback.

Decision: An ESC website will be built and published to campus that provides open transparency for committee decisions by the end of Q1 2021.

Decision: Enterprise project and resource management will be fully operationalized by Academic Affairs, Finance and Administration, Enrollment Management and Information Technology Services in the ServiceNow Platform with the common end goal of making “single pane of glass” decision-making data available to Executive Leadership.

Decision: Operating standards for application lifecycle management, technology infrastructure support and project management will be developed, operationalized and enforced for both central and distributed staff by the end of Q2 2022.


Decision: The University will require and enforce the use of 2FA for all University accounts by December 2021.

Decision: Hardware tokens will not be issued as a standard for the UNCG MFA service, but rather will be issued for special exception cases by approval of Division Vice Chancellors and the Provost.


Decision: The University will accept certain Prohibited Clauses in all Clickwrap Agreements.

Decision: One entry point for all software acquisitions ( will be developed along with a source for easy access to all information regarding existing software for campus customers.

Decision: All software purchasing will be required to go through the proper approval processes. University Procurement Card (PCard) can only be used as payment mechanism for software that has been through the approval process.

Decision: Departmental liaisons will be appointed (individuals who are responsible for purchasing and/or contracts in each area) and trained on the new University software acquisition process and will act as advisors to faculty or staff in their area on software purchasing.

Decision: EMMA will not be funded institutionally.

Decision: Adobe Sign will be funded institutionally.

Decision: PCI-compliant Credit Card Processing – the VC’s for FA and ITS will conduct a campus wide needs assessment. The resulting set of functional requirements will be used to evaluate potential solutions and develop a recommended system design that will be presented to the ESC for discussion and action in early 2021.


Decision: ESC fully supports and approves the implementation of the Secure Desktop for Banner with the expectation that a full testing and remediation of issues plan be formally executed to resolution with each stakeholder workgroup, and that migrations will be scheduled to minimize operational disruption during peak times.

Decision: ESC members validated the list of “approvers” within functional areas who can certify the readiness of the Secure Computing Environment for implementation into production.


Decision: Beginning January 4, 2021, ITS will be modifying the hours for the 6-TECH service desk to Monday through Friday 7:30am to 7:00pm. 6-TECH will also begin to follow the same holiday schedule as the University. Any calls or emails received by 6-TECH after 7pm, will be responded to asap the next business day. Any emergency issues will continue to be handled by the after-hours incident process that ITS has followed for the past year. These changes will not impact the ability for faculty to get in-classroom help after 7pm – that service is staffed by a separate group.


Decision: A change in student IT service entitlements so that “admitted students” receive an iSpartan Account and email was approved that will result in the following:


Decision: The ESC appointed the Data Governance Committee and University Data Stewards.

Decision: Creation of an enterprise data model and institutional data lake was approved.

Decision: Data governance committee was given full authority to execute its charge.


Decision: All faculty and information worker staff members will receive baseline voice services.

Decision: UNCG will operate a single unified set of voice services for all UNCG faculty and information staff.

Decision: The campus will transition to a new standard baseline level of individual phone service that does not include a traditional endpoint phone on the desk.

Decision: Voice services will be funded at the institutional level for basic phone services for non-auxilliary faculty and information worker staff members, eliminating department billing except for services above the baseline, effective July 1, 2021.

Decision: There will be a campus wide mandate to transition from analog based phone services, except in life safety situations when no other solution is available.

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