Selecting from approved hardware and software helps ensure a safe, cost-effective, and reliable computing experience for faculty and staff at UNCG. All technology purchases outside of pre-approved options are subject to additional review, with no guarantee that the request will be approved. This process adds additional time to secure new hardware and software but is necessary to reduce risk, ensure compatibility, and to control costs.

Exceptions to this policy must be granted by the Chief Information Officer (CIO). For additional details, please refer to the Information Technology Procurement Policy.


The Campus Hardware Purchase Program (CHiP) offers pre-approved end user computing hardware for campus use.


UNCG provides a variety of software packages for faculty, staff, and students. Many of these options are available online through your iSpartan Account, or available through MyCloud, or may be installed on your desktop using AppCat.

Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services (MPS) reduces overall printing costs by providing printers and printer maintenance through a single vendor. This program is not optional; all departments are required to participate in MPS.

Departments can order printing supplies or request to move, add, or retire MPS printers from the 6-TECH service catalog.

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